Monday, May 7, 2012

Ordinary Day

So a while ago, I posted a series of pictures showing our day.  And I meant to do it around every three months or so... 

Turns out a while ago was last October.


Anyway, here you go!

6:30am - Breakfast!  Because why would we have breakfast any later on the weekend.

7:30am - Daddy and Noah are out for a run, Eva is feeding the baby.

8:30 - Motoring around on the patio.

9:30 - time for some gardening at home

10:00 - on our way to school for a "cleaning up the playground" day

11:00 - because it's always a great idea to give your kids a snack right before lunch

12:00 - not sure what you are supposed to do when your toddler falls so deeply asleep in the stroller that she does not wake up from the bumps, being carried into the house, being laid onto the mat, or being tickled by her brother

1:00 pm - she seems to have recovered

2:30 - time for a snack after nap

3:30 - on the alligator at the park

4:30 - and the tire swing

5:30 - dinner outside because it is finally sunny

6:00 - you would really think with all this time spent gardening we would have a nicer lawn

6:30 - also, baseball

7:30 - toothbrushing time

8:30 - kitchen cleaned, tomorrow's dinner prepped, beer almost finished.

And now, unpictured, time for TV and blog posting.  A perfect day!

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