Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beach day

So we went to the beach again (surprise, I know).  There was some sand there. 

Look!  It's mud!!

But in addition to sand, there were some good friends of ours who moved away at the same time we moved to Boston, and who had a baby girl 5 days after we had Eva.  This was our first opportunity to catch up in person in two years, and Eva and Lena had a baby-off.

And they're off!!

And they got to ride on a body board

Boat!  Boaaaaat!

And they're off again

That game was really awesome until Eva dumped it over the side.  She recovered reasonably well, the fact that the water was maybe 6 inches deep probably helped.

It was a great day, and awesome to see our friends from so far away.

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