Monday, August 18, 2008

cat update

Max likes to watch the olympics, but once in a while she prefers to watch us. In a somewhat creepy way from the bookshelf.

When she tires of us, she goes back to watching the olympics. This is somewhat dangerous, as Entropy has found a new spot to stalk her from.

I am rather impressed by Entropy's athleticism, personally. She jumps all the way up there from the TV stand and manages not to knock the whole thing over. Maybe she's actually part squirrel.

The big news in the life of our cats, though, is the newly installed screen door. They were definitely scared of it at first, but now they seem to really like hanging out in front of it. It's the next best thing to being outside!

Perhaps once the baby is born we will have more interesting things to post about than our cats. I'm not making any promises.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Its a boy

Well, this may come as a surprised to you if you haven't heard the news yet, as we've neglected to post it here, but Rachel is pregnant! On Thursday we had an ultrasound and found out that it's going to be a boy!

Here's a nice picture showing the current state of Rachel plus baby. Stay tuned for continuing coverage of Bumpwatch 2008.