Sunday, January 11, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mexico: Travelin'

A big difference between this trip and previous trips is how capable the kids were.  We didn't check any bags, instead each kid carried their toys in a backpack and their clothes in their own rolling suitcase.

Eva is pretty cute anyway, but Eva proudly dragging a rolling suitcase is almost unbearably cute.

By the time we were heading home Eva needed some help with her luggage. Noah managed his the entire trip.  That is four different plane rides on four different days, to and from airports, shuttles, hotels, etc.  He was awesome.

On the way back the children insisted on taking a picture in front of the Christmas Tree in the Cancun airport.

And then we boarded the plan to Houston, staffed by the most kid-friendly crew I have ever encountered.  Before takeoff they ushered both kids up into the cockpit to see the pilots.  Then the pilot got out of his seat and insisted the kids take the wheel.  It was pretty cool.

The kids are getting better and better at traveling.  As long as we keep Noah fed with more food than seems possible for a 5 yo, they are pretty good company.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mexico: Evening

It still gets dark early in Mexico at the end of December.  We had a few lovely evenings as night fell watching the moon rise and the water birds glide overhead... 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mexico: the battle continues

After a brief collaboration in the previous chapter, our heroes return to opposing sides.

Opposing sides of the air hockey table, that is.

Buttergirl readies herself for the puck

Spiderman is not intimidated



Silly. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mexico: Superheros

In the afternoons, Noah and Eva liked to go to "kids club" where the late afternoon activities usually consisted of face painting and watching movies (in Spanish or English depending on the kids there, our two didn't seem to mind either language).

After one such afternoon we had an epic battle...   
Spiderman vs. Buttergirl

Spiderman attached first.. shooting webs everywhere

Buttergirl countered by spreading butterflies everywhere to clean up the webs

Uh oh buttergirl, while you spread butterflies I think Spiderman is planning something... 

 (attack planning face)

Watch out Buttergirl!  Here he comes!!

Buttergirl butterfly counter-attack... 

Actually maybe we can work together!

Leap into action!

Bigger leap!

Double Leap!!

Strike your superhero pose

And take a rest for a picture with Daddy.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mexico: Happy New Year!!

We attended a fancy party at the hotel on New Years Eve.

(Eva and Noah in face paint from Kids Club earlier in the day)

We ate a fancy dinner sitting with a lovely family from Ecuador, and then we got to watch a show. Noah and Eva both danced on stage with the rest of the kids.  There was a lot of confusion about the actual dance steps, but it was still exceedingly cute.

Noah and Eva near the right, ready for something but not quite sure what

Ok we're clapping and dancing now...

Time to boogie down!!

Then they had the kids play musical chairs on stage.  Eva was the first eliminated, and immediately burst into Eva-tears to the great amusement of the audience.  In her defense, she fell asleep on my lap about 5 minutes later in the middle of blaring music, so I think she was about done by that point.

Noah did not win musical chairs but apparently loved it and will definitely be playing it at his birthday party.

Eva and I went to bed after that, Noah and Daddy lasted until about 9pm.  Basically, this was the most exciting New Years Eve ever. :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mexico: playtime

Our hotel was on a sandy beach, and also had a pool and was attached to a waterpark.  I don't have pictures of the waterpark, too wet to bring the camera.   I don't really have pictures of the beach either (too sandy), even though we spent a lot of time there.  Chad and I got to play beach volleyball several times over the duration of the trip, while Eva and Noah built sandcastles nearby.  Having slightly older, semi-independent children is awesome. :)

I do have some pictures off of the balcony, since the camera was always conveniently located in the room.

And some of the pool, since that seemed the least dangerous location for electronics

(these are of the shallow side of the pool, to the left of these images is a larger, 4-5 ft deep pool)
(and the swim-up bar, also critical)

Eva is the member of our family most sensitive to the heat.  So sometimes she needed to take a bit of a rest in the shade.

We managed to keep ourselves entertained pretty well. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015


So we just got back from a trip to Mexico - we stayed on the beach just outside of Cancun.

sunrise as viewed from our balcony

I actually have surprisingly few pictures (though I will stretch them out for a few posts).  We spent most of the time just relaxing and playing and soaking it all in.  I had no cellphone or internet access so was actually unplugged.  It was really a great vacation.

I think the kids liked it too