Monday, January 5, 2015

Mexico: playtime

Our hotel was on a sandy beach, and also had a pool and was attached to a waterpark.  I don't have pictures of the waterpark, too wet to bring the camera.   I don't really have pictures of the beach either (too sandy), even though we spent a lot of time there.  Chad and I got to play beach volleyball several times over the duration of the trip, while Eva and Noah built sandcastles nearby.  Having slightly older, semi-independent children is awesome. :)

I do have some pictures off of the balcony, since the camera was always conveniently located in the room.

And some of the pool, since that seemed the least dangerous location for electronics

(these are of the shallow side of the pool, to the left of these images is a larger, 4-5 ft deep pool)
(and the swim-up bar, also critical)

Eva is the member of our family most sensitive to the heat.  So sometimes she needed to take a bit of a rest in the shade.

We managed to keep ourselves entertained pretty well. :)

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