Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mexico: Superheros

In the afternoons, Noah and Eva liked to go to "kids club" where the late afternoon activities usually consisted of face painting and watching movies (in Spanish or English depending on the kids there, our two didn't seem to mind either language).

After one such afternoon we had an epic battle...   
Spiderman vs. Buttergirl

Spiderman attached first.. shooting webs everywhere

Buttergirl countered by spreading butterflies everywhere to clean up the webs

Uh oh buttergirl, while you spread butterflies I think Spiderman is planning something... 

 (attack planning face)

Watch out Buttergirl!  Here he comes!!

Buttergirl butterfly counter-attack... 

Actually maybe we can work together!

Leap into action!

Bigger leap!

Double Leap!!

Strike your superhero pose

And take a rest for a picture with Daddy.


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