Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mexico: Travelin'

A big difference between this trip and previous trips is how capable the kids were.  We didn't check any bags, instead each kid carried their toys in a backpack and their clothes in their own rolling suitcase.

Eva is pretty cute anyway, but Eva proudly dragging a rolling suitcase is almost unbearably cute.

By the time we were heading home Eva needed some help with her luggage. Noah managed his the entire trip.  That is four different plane rides on four different days, to and from airports, shuttles, hotels, etc.  He was awesome.

On the way back the children insisted on taking a picture in front of the Christmas Tree in the Cancun airport.

And then we boarded the plan to Houston, staffed by the most kid-friendly crew I have ever encountered.  Before takeoff they ushered both kids up into the cockpit to see the pilots.  Then the pilot got out of his seat and insisted the kids take the wheel.  It was pretty cool.

The kids are getting better and better at traveling.  As long as we keep Noah fed with more food than seems possible for a 5 yo, they are pretty good company.

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  1. So cool they got into the cockpit. When I was 4 I had a similar experience. They do t seem as weirded out as I remember being.