Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Needlework with Nana

Nana has made lovely needlework pictures for all of the grandkids so far, but Michaela's was not quite finished so she solicited some help... 

I am not sure how helpful they were, but they sure were interested... 

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Also at the zoo we got to feed some goats

Heeeeeree mr. goat

Eva demonstrates the tried and true "pick it up with your tongue technique"

And the goat shows his tongue is bigger

Friday, June 27, 2014


On our last day in Madison we got to visit the Henry Villas Zoo.

Which has all manner of wonderful animals to see, but I mostly took pictures of the carousel.

We love you Madison!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Michaela Loves Grammy

I think the feeling may be mutual... 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Michaela and her Daddy

More gratuitous cute baby pictures, this time featuring Uncle Alex.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My new favorite pictures of Charlotte and Noah, playing with the washer toy Grammy Sue made

Monday, June 23, 2014


There is a new splash park near Aunt Sarah and Uncle Alex's house

It is pretty sweet

Noah and Charlotte had a great time playing with each other this trip

I am following you... 

And now follow the cutest water-based pictures I have seen since the last time these kids got together...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Speaking with Michaela

A recently observed conversation ... 

hmmm... I am still learning how to use my eyes and it is kind of hard to see you could you please lean forward a little... 


Hee hee hee

uh oh here comes a big...

... big... yaaaaaaaaaaawn...

that was a bit excessive, wasn't it


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hot Mama

Aunt Sarah is pretty stunning for a regular person, say nothing of an under-slept mom of a 3 week and 2 year old, isn't she?

Friday, June 20, 2014


Why hello baby...

Hello camera

Please meet baby Michaela Rose, our newest cousin in Wisconsin.  Which we refer to as "misconsin" because Noah started pronouncing it that way when he was 2 and it's so cute I don't have the heart to correct them.  So we went out there last week to meet baby Michaela and hang out with the family.

Charlotte, Noah and Eva were the three musketeers for the weekend.  They read some books... 

Some more books... 

Basically piled on any adult available... 

Ate some cheese curds...

More cheese... 

Shared their love of cheese curds...

cheese cheers!!

Spent some quality time with Max the dog

And tolerated the baby well enough for one photo of all four kids.  This is the best shot we could get.

It was an awesome trip and I will spend several days showing you many of the pictures.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Power of the Mind

I am not sure what comment could possibly make this image better... 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Marlborough Town Hall

Noah's class read Pippo the fool  a few months ago and they have been obsessed with domes ever since.  We took a picture in front of one near Grammy's house for the teacher's end of year present...


Did I mention we had all of the cousins over for a sleepover?  It was a little chaotic... 

But mostly awesome.