Friday, June 13, 2014


A few weeks ago we went on a hike with our friends and found a pond with hundreds and hundreds of tadpoles.

So of course we tried to catch some (duh)

Did you know it is possible for preschoolers to catch tadpoles with their bare hands?  

Somehow I thought the tadpoles would be faster.  Or more alarmed by the giant hands going for them.  But I guess they have very small brains... 

 Eventually we continued on our hike and climbed some big rocks

Rostam and Noah: 5 year olds with attitude.  Eva and Alden, 3 year olds that are still sometimes sweet

Look!  Another bug!!

At the end of the hike we ate some lunch at a pavilion and Eva and Alden exchanged detailed notes about the care and quality of life of their newly acquired pet inchworm.

Yay hiking!

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