Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mexico: Happy New Year!!

We attended a fancy party at the hotel on New Years Eve.

(Eva and Noah in face paint from Kids Club earlier in the day)

We ate a fancy dinner sitting with a lovely family from Ecuador, and then we got to watch a show. Noah and Eva both danced on stage with the rest of the kids.  There was a lot of confusion about the actual dance steps, but it was still exceedingly cute.

Noah and Eva near the right, ready for something but not quite sure what

Ok we're clapping and dancing now...

Time to boogie down!!

Then they had the kids play musical chairs on stage.  Eva was the first eliminated, and immediately burst into Eva-tears to the great amusement of the audience.  In her defense, she fell asleep on my lap about 5 minutes later in the middle of blaring music, so I think she was about done by that point.

Noah did not win musical chairs but apparently loved it and will definitely be playing it at his birthday party.

Eva and I went to bed after that, Noah and Daddy lasted until about 9pm.  Basically, this was the most exciting New Years Eve ever. :)

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