Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's up now, 28 weeks?

A few months ago, I got about halfway through the lawn and was so exhausted I had to quit. Chad has done most of the mowing since then, but we've been so busy lately that it's gotten a little bit out of hand. Our lawn was bad enough that we've been talking about buying a powered lawnmower in order to tackle it. I tried to capture the mid-calf grass photographically, but I'm not sure it came though:

It was beautiful beautiful beautiful this weekend, so I figured I could get my exercise for today pushing the thing around our backyard. Yes, this entire post is about how I was able to mow our lawn by myself. After getting up early to paint the trim. And after mowing I had enough energy to do yoga, finish up the baby's room, and cook a real dinner. After a full day yesterday (doing engineering with 6th graders, painting, staying late at friends' for dinner). This may not sound all that astounding but please bear in mind that the first five months I was pregnant I had to spend the entire weekend laying on the couch. Max liked it, I found it clashed with my personality.

So now I'm officially 3rd trimester (when did THAT happen!?) and feel like myself. Woot. Bring it on, 3rd trimester!

P.S. If the posting suddenly stops for a long time, you can go ahead and assume that the 3rd trimester has, in fact, brought it on, and I am laying on the couch.

P.P.S. You have to wait for pictures of the baby's room. Chad gets to come home from Boston and see it first. :)

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