Friday, March 27, 2009

Play date

In the interest of full disclosure, the oldest baby here is 5 months old, so the play date is really more for the mommies. Yes, there was wine.

We got a few fun shots of all the babies together:

Clockwise, from Noah: Asher, Keegan, Alex, Daniel, Gavin, Maytal, and Henry. Notice there is only one girl (good thing she's wearing pink). Come to think of it, this ratio is a lot like engineering school...

Nice orange socks, huh?

Noah spent a bit of time chatting with Gavin:

About one minute later Gavin reached out and grabbed a fistful of Noah's hair. It was pretty funny. Noah doesn't have the most hair of any of the babies (I think that award goes to Alex) but he certainly has the longest. If I was a 5 month old I would probably grab it as well.

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