Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Portrait Day

We went to get our (ok, mostly Noah's) picture taken today. He was awesome.

There are so many great pictures, and I am not posting the best ones. You will have to wait to see them until after the grandparents get their hard copies. (Note to grandparents: it will take Sears at least 10 days to get them to us. I know! That seems ridiculously long for photo printing! Perhaps they outsource the printing to Romania. Please be patient).

He was really a trouper, and had so many good shots we could reject adorable ones like these, just because we weren't really crazy about the basket (although as dad pointed out, a baby in a basket is particularly timely for celebrating passover).

And just in case that was not enough adorable Noah for you today, these pictures are now up as well. Enjoy!

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