Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Playing in the gorge

So mom and I had this great idea to take Noah up to Taughannock falls. Noah was totally psyched to ride in the backpack because he can now say "backpack."

Yeah, he was all about the pack. For about five minutes.

You see, in the backpack, you can't throw rocks into the water.

Or stick your feet in the waterfalls.

So instead of walking up to the falls, we just did this. A lot.

Man, was I wet. But not as soaked as Noah's diaper.

Apparently we wore him out. Eventually we stripped him down and replaced the diaper and he fell asleep 10 steps back onto the trail.

Even though we didn't make it anywhere near the falls, it was hard to be disappointed. The Trumansburg creek gorge may be my favorite place on the planet.

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