Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drum Song

Because clearly singing is usually better without pants.

Here we have a great example of the dangers of sending your child to day care. He is clearly singing a specific song (with hand motions), and I have absolutely no idea what it is. God help us if he requests this song in the car while we are on a long road trip...

In other Noah news, he continues to amaze me with his improving memory and cognizance. His friend Amelia has a new baby brother (Congratulations Courtney and Chris!!), so when Noah has asked for Amelia lately (he asks for her at least once a day) we've told him as much. Then today he was sitting at his desk reading his alphabooks, and said very clearly "Baby." "Amelia." "Brother." over and over a few times. We hadn't mentioned Amelia's baby brother for probably four or five hours by that point. He was just paying attention, I guess.

Also during alphabook reading I observed that apparently he can recognize the letter "Q" and knows the word "Queen."

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