Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Eva

Dear Eva

Happy birthday, my sunshine girl.

You have been a delight ever since the day we met you.  You were so small, sweet and cuddly then.  You are big, sweet and cuddly now.  You give the best hugs, the best smiles, the best shrieking laughs. Your happy energy makes my heart sing.

It is hard for me to believe you are a year old already, that it was an entire year ago that we brought you home from the hospital, tiny but already strong.  Sweet, and already intense.

I can't believe how much you have grown since then, how many things you have learned.  You learned to nurse, to see, to sleep in your crib.  You learned to grab a toy, to roll over, to sit, and finally to crawl, to pull up, to cruise, to knee-walk, to walk. You learned to drink from a bottle, to eat from a spoon, to feed yourself finger food.  Today I gave you a whole piece of pizza and you did just fine.

It is so exciting to see you continue to learn.  It's awesome to see you learn more signs and practice them without our asking.  To respond correctly when I ask you where your foot or your nose or your head is.  To pretend to feed your baby or drive a toy car or brush your hair.  

On your first night, Daddy and I watched a movie while you slept on my chest.  You were perfectly content, until an actress in the movie started to cry, at which point you wailed along with her.  You continue to be tuned into the world around you, you seem to understand everything we say and do, and it is just amazing.

It is hard for me to believe that you are only a year old, that you have only been brightening our lives and cracking us up for only twelve short months.  You already know so much and are so much your own person. 

You are vivacious and energetic and to be blunt, loud.  Astonishingly loud.  You are a person who knows her own mind and refuses to be silenced.

And my dear, that person is amazing.  

Happy birthday, my darling Eva Joyce.   We are so proud of you and love you so much.

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