Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello again

And there you have it, almost a month since the last update.  Man, life goes fast.

The job is going well, and very very very busy.  Chad's business is doing well, and keeping him very busy.  The kids are doing well, and very very busy.

Eva is running around like a maniac, she can color with crayons, decorate herself with stickers, and climb onto both the kitchen and dining room table.  She has probably 30+ words at this point, and several two-word phrases like "go play," "go car," "shoes car," "sit here."  She starts pre-school with Noah the week after next.

Cheese!  I'm a big girl!

Noah continues to astonish - both by how big and articulate and sweet he is and by how his favorite activity continues to be flinging his body about with what seems to be some kind of bizarre determination to kick me in the face.  Anyway.  Today he asked me what four plus for was, then proceeded to count out eight on his fingers.  He then switched to four plus five and got the answer right again.  This evening he wrote his name on the blackboard with only a bit of coaching about what letter comes next.

Cheese!  Yay for literacy!  And face paint!!

Overall, things are going very well.  We are having a good time.  I'll post a bunch of catch-up posts of pictures that I am still taking off of my phone.

Also this month, Eva ate a banana.

mmmmmm.... sticky.

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  1. Your children are adorable. And brilliant. And I miss you!