Friday, September 14, 2012

A few snippets

Noah, standing on the climber in the back yard:

N: this is a doctor's office
Mommy: oh. Excuse me doctor, I don't feel well
N: what doesn't feel well?
M: my tummy hurts
N: did you eat orange peels
M: yes!
N: you aren't supposed to eat orange peels.
M: oh
N: do you feel better now?
M: no, my tummy still hurts
N: hmmmm. Maybe you should go see that other doctor over there (points to Eva) an she can figure out what's wrong with you.
M: wow. You are pretty much prepared to go into medicine.


I go into Eva's room this morning, and she stands up in her crib:
E: mommy, you going to work today?
M: I am. Do you know what you ate going to do?
E: *thinks* I going to play with toys with Noah
M: good plan


Eva, at breakfast, when Chad comes in:
E: look daddy! Me eating a waffle for breakfast and syrup, one, two (counts the two sections of her plate with syrup on them)
C: wow

Did I also mention Eva can count to 13?

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