Sunday, October 7, 2012

Geography lesson

So Noah has this states puzzle, and he astonished me by putting it all together by himself today.

Actually, it was more impressive than that. I was in a different room an he came to get me asking for help finding Washington. He told me he had put the puzzle together but couldn't find Washington. So I went in, and he was right, and the puzzle piece for Washington was under the bookshelf.

So apparently he knows which state is Washington.

And then he picked up Alaska, walked across the room, and announced "Alaska is really very very far thiiiiiiiis far north."

And I stared to suspect someone is teaching my kid geography. Grammy? Daddy?

And then he told me "the truck is in Texas." And it was.

And then he held up New Mexico and asked Eva "are you looking for this planet?"

Hm. Maybe I need to have a word with his geography teacher.

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