Sunday, November 25, 2012

Very Belated Halloween Post

Remember about a month ago when it was Halloween?  That was fun, huh?  Better late than never to share pictures, right?  Right????

Anyway, we were psyched for Halloween.  Chad and the kids dressed up.

Eva and Noah were knights.  Noah donned his knight costume and ran around the house fighting invisible dragons.  Eva donned her knight costume and kept patting her breastplate saying "me a knight!" in her most self-satisfied tone.

We had the usual trouble getting a picture with the neighbor kids ranging in age from 9mo to 4.  At least in this one you can see everyone's faces... 

And they're off...

I tried to get my little knights to stand together (yeah right)

And then we were off.  Eva was a real trouper - she carried her sword and her pumpkin bucket the whole time. 

She was slower than any of the other walkers and it was hard for her to climb the steps to people's doors with her sword and breastplate that prevented her from taking big steps, but she just took her time and persevered without a word of complaint.  And then would say adorable things like "mine pumpkin is really happy!! It has lots of candy!!"

Maybe we have just learned an important tool for motivating her.... caaaaaaaaandy.... 

I did manage to get a few pictures of the two of them together a few days ago (so way after Halloween, when they were just putting their costumes on for fun)

Silly kids.

Author note: every day since Halloween, Eva has asked for candy at least 1x/day, often more than once.  We ran out of Halloween candy two weeks ago.  She is still asking.  I guess someone inherited Mommy's sweet tooth... 

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