Monday, December 31, 2012

Misbehaving baby

Eva, to her baby doll who is lying on the floor:

"You on the floor! You screaming at the table. That is not ok! It is not ok to screaming at the table. (Poking baby in face) not... ok... screaming at the table at me."

(to mommy) "he gonna take a break in his room."

(Drops baby into dining room chair) "you in your room. where is your dinner? Is that ok screaming at the table? It's not ok. You taking a break in your room. Can you go under the table? Me can't find you when you are under the table. That not ok baby." Etc etc etc. until she got distracted by her need to take all of the food out of Nana's spice cabinet.

I am not sure if this means we are doing it right or totally wrong...


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