Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kitchen Post 1

In a turn of events that is shocking to no one, I am a bit delayed on blogging our kitchen renovation.

Oh, hey! By the way, we're finally doing the kitchen renovation!!

Remember our super ugly kitchen?  A visitor once described it as a "period piece" from 1981.  Totally.

breakfast at Tiffany's if Tiffany was a 65 year old in 1980

So yeah, we had the wood paneling, the ancient appliances, the brown patterned linoleum floor that perfectly camouflaged cheerios.

all your paneling are belong to us

In the middle of last week, they started to tear it out

bye bye brown cabinets

 And by the end of the week, it was all gone

bye bye ancient stove

Also we took out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room

 bye bye small pocket door our children used to close us into the loudest dining room ever

This week, the plumbers ran water to where the new fridge will be (hello 21st century!), the electricians wired electrical outlets up to code (hello fire safety!) and installed the hardware for recessed lights (goodbye 1970s lights!), and they put in the sub-floor (goodbye squeaks!).

hello progress!

We're on our way!   And happily it's moving right along, as the dust from the construction is making me cough my little brains out.

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