Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chag Purim

Happy Purim!!

(from a scientist, a princess, a dragon, and the doctor).

Just so you know, dragons and princesses can do all of the fun stuff we usually do.  

they can play with dollhouses

 and make groggers 

though dragons may have to hold their head funny so they can see out the eye holes

We enjoyed our temple purim party again this year

The pink princess costume was very popular

Eva: no, our costumes are different because my crown is silver and Estie's crown is different than silver

cheese!  Can we have another cookie now?

We like the purim party because everyone is in a good mood, the songs and the spiel are funny, and it's fun to wear costumes and stay up late and eat lots of cookies  Though I am concerned Noah took it a bit too far..

I ate an extra hamenaschen and now my nose feels funny...

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