Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dinosaur Story

This weekend we had a great visit from Chad's folks and Christopher. I'm not sure when this happened, but at some point Chad and I became those boring relatives that don't have any toys or good books. Shortly after arriving Christopher decided it was time to read a book and picked up the first one he found.

Please observe how the book seemed to be equally as interesting upside down (no comment on how accurate Christopher's opinion on this book is).

Since we didn't have any good toys or books or movies, we had to entertain ourselves by making up stories about dinosaurs and taking pictures of the cat. You can see how excited she was about a visit from a 3 year old (while very nice, they tend to be generally louder and more unpredictable than adults).

We went to the academy of natural sciences (aka Philadelphia's museum of natural history) to see the dinosaurs. LOTS of things to look at. VERY exciting. :)

Also we got to see some butterflies. The butterfly garden was neat because the butterflies just aren't scared of us at all.

Apparently the day in the city was tiring, and the excitement of taking the train wasn't enough to keep us all awake...

But overall I think everyone had a good time. We even had time for grilling with perhaps the most food we've ever had on the grill at one time.

(notice the salt potatoes on the side burner, corn and speedie chicken on the grill... man I love our grill).

Thank you again to Dave and Bonnie for driving all the way down here for a great visit!

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