Thursday, March 13, 2008

Master of His Domain

Thoughtbot has recently bought the largest monitor EVER.

No, that's not a trick of the camera angle. You really can't see him behind it. It's 30". Yes, far larger than our last TV. Twice as large, in fact, as the old TV we have in the basement.

In all serious, it's actually pretty cool. The huge screen gives you all the advantages of having two monitors (i.e. you can work in a lot of windows at once) without the ergonomic disadvantages. For someone who's very busy and at the computer all day, I guess it makes sense.

Any why, my friends, is it possible to make GIANT monitors cheaply enough that small companies can afford them? MATERIALS SCIENCE! Ok, and a bunch of engineering. But those displays take some serious chemistry to make feasible. How do you make something that's reasonably lightweight and not reflective and enhances the color of the display and stays cool and has reasonable scratch/dirt/dust resistance and won't heat or shrink as the monitor heats up and cools down and won't change color/opacity/size with age etc. etc. etc. Oh and those fancy transistors inside the monitor are made out of something as well.

Today's materials science rant has been brought to you by the letter G. For GIANT. :)

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