Thursday, January 15, 2009

Noah Day 5

Noah says, "Fight the Power!"

Today we (Chad, Rachel, Noah, and Grammy) got ambitious and decided to take a family outing. We bundled Noah up in the Baby-Bjorn under Rachel's coat, went for a nice walk in the snow, and then went and got a cup of coffee. Is it reasonable to take a five-day old out for a walk in the snow? What if he's wearing a cute (and warm!) cow outfit? Either way, I think he liked it, but its hard to say, because he was snoozing the entire time.

Grammy made a new friend, the woman who runs A Touch of the Old Country in Ambler. They bonded over grandparentness, to the extent that we had to leave her there and take Noah home to nurse. At five days old, he's already got the ladies talking.

And quit rolling your eyes, we live in the tropics and there was barely any snow.

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