Monday, July 27, 2009


I call this one "Family Portrait, in Tent"

We had a great time camping this weekend. Noah helped Chad set up the tent:

We went on a nice hike, please notice the matching father & son uniforms.

Noah found the hike a bit tiring.

Actually, we were all pretty beat afterwards.

Noah got to stay up WAY past his bedtime. Mostly because he refused to go to sleep in the tent.

How is one supposed to sleep when they have to work on getting ready to crawl?

Besides, it is so much fun to play in the tent.

Even with the lack of sleep, a great weekend. Luckily we have fun friends who will let us babify the camping trip, and also jump in and intervene when Noah grabs a handful of gravel for a small snack...


  1. I'm so proud that you guys went camping! Way to go... I hope we can do the same (although it'll be a bit cold when Lucy's 6 mo. old!)

  2. Sleeping away from home can be so hard! Good job getting through it.
    It's hard to believe he is almost crawling- everything comes so fast the first year.