Saturday, July 18, 2009


What a busy day today! Noah got a new toy, because I am physically unable to go to babies backwards R us without making impulse purchases. I think it is some kind of hormone imbalance.

It is brightly colored and plastic, which is basically how we qualify toys around here.

I think he likes it. :)

Look at that dimple!

Also, today Aunt Sarah and Uncle Al came to visit! They also liked the new toy.

And had fun reading with Noah.

It is beautiful out today, so we also spent some quality time in the pool.

Uncle Al instructed Noah on the finer points of competitive swimming.

Also, Noah has been working on his flexibility. It is hard to see in this photo, but here he is actually chewing on his toe. I understand his confusion, it was pretty much just like a prune by that point.

He really likes the pool. By the end he was just dipping his face in the water to try it out. Summer is so much fun!!

Also, summer is time for relaxing.

Seriously. It's only 3pm and we are pooped!

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