Friday, December 18, 2009

My mind, it is blown.

This post is dedicated to the things that I am astonished Noah can do. Beyond getting cuter every week, of course. First of all, he has been working on using a cup. A real cup, with no baby sippy attachment.

He actually does a decent job.

Until he gets bored and dumps it out.

Oh well, better luck next time. In other culinary news, Noah is tired of us messing with his bananas and wants to eat them himself.

See, Grammy? I told you I can eat the banana myself.

And finally, the most mind-blowing thing he did this week. Chad and I were making dinner, which involved stirring some vegetables in a wok using a wooden spoon. Noah was getting impatient, so I gave him his own wooden spoon and set him on the floor. In the past, this has worked to distract him as he proceeds to bang the wooden spoon on things.

This time, however, he did this:

I KNOW! I did not give him that pot. He went over to his play kitchen, got it himself, and when I turned around he was stirring it with the spoon. Clearly a genius, this kid.

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