Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thank you cards

We have been really enjoying celebrating Noah's first Hanukkah.

Noah would like to say thank you for his awesome gifts. We started with some practice, where Noah helped Grammy and Grammy Sue with their gift. Which was wrapped in paper.

And I guess there was some stuff in the box, meh, whatever.

The exciting part was the paper.

Yay paper!!

Eventually we wrangled him away from the paper so he could work on his own gift, this one from Grammy.

Duck Washcloths! Woohoo!!

The next night Noah opened some great gifts from Saba and Nana. He's not really sure what to make of the popper toy...

But the train, he understands.

Dear Saba and Nana. Thank you for the gifts. Also, thank you for wrapping them in paper. I love paper.

Dear Aunt Sarah and Uncle Alex. Thank you for the tricycle. Mommy says it is too dark and cold to ride it right now so she is just letting me play with the box. I love boxes.

Dear everyone. Happy Hanukkah!!

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