Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Party Time! Excellent!

We celebrated Noah's birthday with the family this past weekend with fun with construction paper and bright blue icing.

First, the adults had to test out the crayons.

In order to properly decorate.

The cousins then took over coloring responsibilities to decorate their crowns.

A special thank you to Christopher, for coloring Noah's crown for him.

What a good looking bunch! Also, no, Noah does not want to put down his rice cake.

There were lots of exciting activities, such as air hockey.

Reading new books

And opening some presents!

Wow. That's some present.

Noah wanted to help provide the music

And let me assure you, it was excellent. Also, let me say a small thank you to Yamaha for equipping the Clavinova with a volume control.

For dinner, Noah presided over a spread of his favorite foods.

Mmmm... chicken nuggets and soycotach.

And frozen peas. And bananas.

Man, he's cute in that crown, huh. He made my day by wearing it most of the afternoon.

Then we blew his mind with a candle.

And asked him to eat a cupcake.

Hmmmm... what's this?

It doesn't make much noise...

Is it food?

Nooooo! It is not food!! Get it out!!

[unfortunately not pictured: Noah making a horrible face and trying to scrape his first bite of icing off of his tongue]

Is this your idea of a joke?

Well, maybe I could reconsider...

Nope. Definitely not food. Fingerpaint.

Yup yup yup, Fingerpaint

Dum de dum dum

OK, this is starting to get a bit sticky...


Once we were all cleaned up, we got to have a try at the ice cream. That went a little better. But then again, he is always excited when he gets to try to use a spoon.

What a wonderful celebration of such a great milestone! Happy Birthday Noah!!!

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  1. Noah, you were a delightful birthday boy. You made us all feel appreciated, special, and happy! What a gracious little person you are!