Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chag Purim

So we went to our temple's purim party. Costumes were mandatory.

I think we look pretty good, overall. :) There was a costume parade with prizes for children and adults. Noah and Chad are displaying our prizes below...

I would like to say that those adult prizes are the best prizes I have ever gotten at temple.

Noah was super excited - he kept saying "I'm thing one two!" on the way there and randomly throughout the evening. He was surprisingly attentive during the actual event, and sat and sang during the little kids service.

(they're in the front)

He then proceeded to sit on Chad's lap for 20 minutes and watch the purim spiel. And on top of everything, Noah got to stay up late and eat a ton of cookies. How is this not a great holiday!?

As for Eva, she basically just looked around in astonishment the whole time. Perhaps not the beast introduction to our congregation for a person who has just learned to see.

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