Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It was supposed to be nice the other day, so we headed out to the zoo. However, "nice" meant 45 and windy, which it turns out is cold. You forget that 45 is cold when you are just digging out from winter. Turns out with wind, it is very cold. So we had a quick trip. At any rate, Noah got to drive a car...

And see a lion.

This was definitely Noah's favorite part - he kept saying "Lion!" "Roar!!" The lion roared several times as well, just slightly louder.

We headed back to the car after that, as did the lion. Noah was trying to wait patiently for a turn to drive, when the lion looked at the car and let out a bunch of loud roars, scaring away the current driver. Noah took the opportunity and snatched the wheel!

That's right wusses! No little lion is going to stand between me and my dreams of Jeep glory!

Also, he drove a tractor. Still cold.

I think Eva enjoyed her first trip to the zoo - she was the only member of the family appropriately dressed for the weather.

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