Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh, the hair

Poor Eva. Not only does she have some rather unruly hair, she has a mother who will post images of that hair on the internet.

Naptime's over, Mommy. A little help here?

Seriously? You're going to keep taking pictures instead of getting me up?

But if you think I'm going to do anything like cut it to rein it in, you are nuts.

'elo there

Instead, I invested in some tiny rubber bands, and voila! Pigtails!!

Yay! I love pigtails!!

The pigtails are way more effective than barrettes in keeping her hair out of her face. The only downside is they make her look entirely too old.

Pay no attention to the toddler-like person in the high chair

At least she's still almost as small as the owl

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