Saturday, July 2, 2011

Work out with Eva

Eva had an unfortunate diaper situation at the gym last weekend, and the clothes we happened to have in the diaper bag combined with what survived the blow-out made Eva look like an aerobics instructor from the 80s.

Yes, those are leg warmers and socks that look like little sneakers. I swear these clothes look normal when they aren't all paired together.

I'll just give you a moment to imagine how ridiculous it was for us to go out for bagels afterwards, Chad and I wearing our workout clothes, and Eva dressed like this. Have a good laugh? You are welcome.

Anyway, once we got home Eva got into the spirit of things and tried a few crunches

First you lift the head...

...and then the legs, squeeze!

And relax and stretch it out.

Perhaps after seeing these pictures you are inspired and would like to do a bit of exercise yourself. Here, she made a workout video for you to follow along.

Video: Baby abs work out with Eva. Soundtrack: "Big Machine Rap" by Noah

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