Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Let me tell you, we really did Halloween right this year. First, we went over to our neighbors' house for pizza and beer. Then, Eva put on her frog suit.

Froggy wants an iphone, please!

Eva and Max really coordinated with the green amphibian costumes this year

It is possible the mommies are more excited than the babies in this picture.

Next, we lined up all of the kids in their costumes and all of the parents stood, snapping pictures, until at one point most of the kids were looking at the camera.

We were told there would be candy.

After that, we hit the road. The herd of preschoolers was really quite impressive.

Perhaps I should be concerned about the lady down the street and her demon spawn...

The decorations were a big hit

Though Eva was skeptical

Not sure how I'm supposed to reach the doorbell from here, mom

After a tour of Ollie's pumpkins

We retired inside so the kids could take a look at Noah's haul

They wouldn't let me have any candy, but I'll show them!
Look! A crumb! From the floor!! I will eat it!

Then Eva went to bed and we let Noah eat two pieces of candy

This may have been a mistake...

And now Noah's arguing with Chad about going to bed while I sit in the kitchen and write this post. Wish us luck.

Happy Halloween!

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