Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello, Eva

So while I have been busy not blogging, Eva has been busy growing like crazy.

Look, mommy!  I'm in a bug!

She started school at the end of May, and has been doing great.  She is in a great mood when I pick her up at the end of the day, and walks around our house singing songs from school.  She doesn't cry much at drop-off anymore, and Noah has been great in helping her get acclimated.


Her language has just exploded this month.  In addition to an ever-expanding vocabulary, she is using more and more multi-word sentences. "Seagull no fly."  "Mommy sit down!" "Wanna drink of water."  


She refers to herself as "me" and will point and address other people as "you."  The other morning she woke up and announced "Milk waffle me."  And then she got exactly what she wanted.

Look!  Eyes!!

She loves books and has very specific opinions about what book we should be reading right this instant.  Her favorite this week is the cat in the hat.  Last week it was a rhyming book about a bus.

Eva out.

She runs and jumps and tumbles and tries to jump and dances when she hears music.  She is charming and funny and delightful and also screams until she turns blue when she doesn't get her way.   Basically, the perfect toddler.

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