Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today miss Eva had another milestone.

Scene: playdate with our friends who have kids the same age as Noah and Eva. The kids are all in Noah's room, my friend and I are in the dining room. Eva comes running up to me.

Eva: Noah!!!!
Me: huh?
Eva: Rostam!!!! (the 3yo friend)
Me: huh??
Eva: Jump Bed!!!

I exchanged a look with my friend as we went to Noah's room, and what do you know, those little so-and-sos were jumping on the bed.

Eva shook her finger at them and everything when I kicked them out of the room.

Look out Noah, your months of tattling on your sister with no repercussions may be over...

(also, can I just take a moment to point out I am totally counting this a four-word sentence for my 16 month old? Craziness.)

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