Friday, February 22, 2013

First Writing

Big happenings at our house this week - Noah wrote his first sentence on his own. While he was in his room by himself during rest time he made the card below for Grammy. Previously, he's only written his name or Eva's by himself, everything else he demands we tell him how to spell.

We've been making him sound it out himself, I guess it is working and he is getting a bit more confident.

At any rate, the card says "Noah I Li U" (translation: Noah I love you)

(translation: he is really just trying to say "I love you" but begins every piece of work with "Noah")

(of course it is written entirely backwards, but hey, ANYONE's kid can write a sentence in the correct direction. You go ahead and write a mirror image of a sentence and see how well you do)

(and the thing on the bottom is a big toothy smile that was "so happy he had to be all colored in")

(I die :) )


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