Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's day prep

... conversation heard while making valentines while daddy was out at a work event...

N: Daddy is going to love these valentines
E: yeah, we making them
N: let's make him so happy he's going to hug us
E: yeah, he's gonna be soooooo happy
N: yeah, that's definitely going to happen.

... quiet work ..

N: I am making a lot of hearts. Daddy is going to love these hearts
E: we make him so happy, Daddy is going to hug us. We say huggy huggy huggy.
N: daddy is going to love these hearts because they are red and that's his favorite color

..... quiet work ....

Mommy: almost time for bath, guys!
N: I am really busy right now. I can't talk to anyone right now I'm so busy.

.... quiet work....

N: I care about daddy.

... quiet work...

N: Daddy is going to love these hearts. Look how many hearts I have!
M: that's great kiddo! Are you almost done? It's two minutes until bathtime.
N: I need this much more time (holds hands about 4 inches apart)
M: well that's about two minutes
N: um... Yes. That's how much more time I need.


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. :)

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