Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apples! Horses!!

We headed back to Beak and Skiff during our recent visit to Nana and Saba's house

Eva says: cheese!

And look how much bigger they are from last year!  Noah's a few inches taller and Eva's grown in both height and attitude.  

Actually, I guess only the kids are bigger.  Sorry, Nana.

Before heading out to the apples, we had a VERY EXCITING experience riding the ponies.  Unfortunately I don't seem to have a picture of Noah but Eva totally rocked the little grey pony.

Wee!  My pony is going round and around and around!

Thank you pony!

 Then we were off to the apples.  Serious Noah was very serious about picking.

Also serious about the ladder

The apples were very delicious, even in a little bit of rain

And one more silly picture for the road

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