Monday, November 4, 2013


This halloween, we had some scary witches at our house.  Noah was the wicked witch of the west, and Eva was the wicked witch of the east.

Happy scary witches

Scary scary witches

Thank you to Grammy for making the witch costumes, and even making me a Dorothy apron

(if only the real Dorothy could have gotten along this well with the witches)

First we left our witches cave

And did some trick-or-treating with some friends in Newton Highlands

From left: Wicked witch of the South, Fairy ballet princess, Fairy ballet princess, WW of West, WW of East.  I guess this is an unlikely coalition, but dire times and candy can bring people together... 

And then went back to Ollie and Max's house for dinner and more trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.

From left: Lawnmower, Ariel, Racecar Driver, Pumpkin, WWs.  I suppose this diverse crew is no better... 

It was a much-anticipated and much enjoyed evening, and we have enough candy to last for the rest of the year.

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