Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More Birthdays

We went to Mema and Oompa's house last weekend for Cassidy and Christian's birthday party.  First, Eva established the security of her space ship by using a the water gun to shoot at the lava.

I can't decide if this picture is adorable or deeply disturbing

Then Maggie the Clown arrived and thrilled the kids with face painting, magic and juggling


And balloon hats and swords

I'm not sure how true to character these accessories are, but they sure are awesome

I have a doggie on my hat!!

It was colorful and hilarious and awesome

And then we went inside and had cake and ice cream, and as usually happens at these events Eva remained dedicated to her ice cream long after the other kids had gone outside and the grown-ups had started to clean up.

She knows what she likes, ok?

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