Sunday, April 13, 2014


So the evening after we went on the small world ride, Chad commented that waving at all of the dolls was a very "princess" thing to do.  Eva overheard this and began to weep, because she didn't get to meet any princesses, and even though she had never once before expressed the need to meet a princess, she couldn't hold in her disappointment at this tragedy in her young life any longer.

Luckily this happened on of our first evenings there, so there was still time to meet some princesses.

We took Eva to meet Cinderella, because Cinderella has been Eva's favorite ever since she got a Cinderella pez dispenser a year or so ago.  Eva was shy, but Cinderella took her by the hand.

And the two had a very serious conversation about butterflies

And eventually we got a picture.

This "meet the princess" opportunity also featured sleeping beauty, who was apparently much more intimidating.  Eva refused to talk to her or even go over to her, and instead went over to a desk and stared at a prop storybook.  But the princess actresses are well trained, and sleeping beauty was able to bring Eva out of her shell by asking her about the book.

And eventually dragged her away

And eventually got a picture

And even a hug.

Eva looks a bit shell-shocked in these pictures, and she was pretty shy about the whole scene.  But afterward she was skipping and going on about how she got to meet TWO PRINCESSES and I think she was pretty pleased with herself.

Even though I am ambivalent about the whole princess thing, this meeting was just so sweet and wonderful and I am really glad it worked out for Eva.

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