Friday, April 11, 2014

Roller Coaster Kid

At a New Year's Eve party this year the kids were asked to draw a picture of something they wanted to do this year. Noah drew a picture of a roller coaster.  This was a little odd, since we hadn't talked at all to him about our trip at that point.  But whatever.

Our first day in the Magic Kingdom we took him on his first "grown up" roller coaster ride.  He was a litte intimidated.

But was pleased with himself afterward.  The DisneyWorld roller coasters are neat but pretty tame as roller coasters go, so actually not a bad place to try some out.  Another bonus of relatively tame roller coasters is a short height requirement.

Anyway, Noah's roller coaster quest culminated at Space Mountain.

He was psyched.

(immediately before takeoff)

He did great, said he loved it, and had no desire to ride it again.

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