Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello again snow

So we're having some weather... 

We had 89 inches of snow this winter before today's blizzard.  Based on the garbage cans I would say we got a little more than a foot last night/this morning.  It's an adventure.  This is what it looked like before: 

Yes, this is a "before the storm" picture.  This winter is insane.

Even the playset had ice dams... 

And then by early this morning our patio fence was totally covered and the swings were buried again.

By lunchtime the blizzard part was over so we went out to explore.

I was supposed to fly to Paris tonight for work.  I've been rescheduled to tomorrow night so I think I'll take Noah's attitude to the storm and use it as an opportunity to fling myself about the backyard and then go back inside and drink chocolate.

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