Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hours until Rachel's professional career begins:

9.5. Weehee!

Not much happened on the home front this weekend. We had a great time at a wedding yesterday, where we barely knew anyone other than the groom. Luckily they sat us with his engineer friends from work and apparently we geeks get along just fine. Today we spent a few hours running and walking around Valley Forge National Historic Park (we didn't actually do any historic stuff, just enjoyed the river). We saw several deer (who are apparently NOT very scared of people - they would hang out and chew a branch or something while we walked by 20 feet away), birds, butterflies, etc., and really not too many people. It was nice. Then we relaxed, cleaned a bit, and unpacked and hung the rest of our artwork. This means that several of our walls are now less bare. However, now that we have so many walls, we'll have to do a bit more work to fill them all.

So now the only box yet unpacked is the one with our casserole dishes. Unfortunately, we have no idea where this box is. Hopefully we will discover it in the basement eventually.

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