Friday, July 13, 2007

Relics of the past

What the heck is that thing?

Oh yeah, it's my clarinet. Notice how it is out of the case and actually assembled. Yes, I was also shocked that I even remembered how to do it. I was inspired by Laura during the Brady Bunch weekend, then again when Chad and I went to see the Ambler Symphony Orchestra at the Morris Arboretum last night. The arboretum is really beautiful - the perfect place for an outdoor concert. And did I mention there was beer tasting?

At any rate, playing it today for the first time in 9 years (since high school, I think) made me realize/wonder a few things:

1. When the hell did I get old enough that I have things that I feel like I did as an adult, yet I haven't done in 9 years!?!?
2. I have no chops. None at all. I mean after 15 minutes I was buzzing and spitting all over the place
3. It takes more air than I remember
4. It's heavier than I remember (my right thumb still feels funny)
5. The ONLY piece of clarinet music I have is the Brahms Sonata (Op. 120 No.2) I played for Nyssma. This piece is good because I know it so well that the fingerings and what it is supposed to sound like came back relatively easily. This piece is bad because it requires lots of jumping around over the break and up high while playing softly. This did not come back so easily (see #2).
6. When dad moved out of Pease st. I didn't claim my music stand. This means that Op. 120 No.2 is scotch tapped to my bookshelf so I can stand up and even have a chance of hitting the high notes.
7. It was really really fun. Once I can feel my lips I'm going to play it again. :)

Now for a glass of wine to enjoy my last vacation day in the next 6 months!

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