Monday, May 4, 2009

Basement Update

Noah chilled in the basement while I worked out today. (Note, because that sounds bad: I worked out in the basement, 2 feet out of this picture. I did not leave him in the basement and go to the gym)

Actually, after a few minutes it became pretty clear that my working out was going to wake him up, so I let him snooze and went to clean the kitchen.

I'll go back and finish later, after he goes to sleep. I promise.

Hey, speaking of basements, how about a long overdue basement update? Well, we've got the new wall spackled and primed (paint to follow.... someday... ), and the carpet installed.

And the equipment is up and running. It's actually a pretty nice little space.

Clearly unfinished, but very functional for the time being. I really appreciate having it!

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