Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday is for Sitting

This morning I found Noah on his tummy. This is the first time he's rolled over at home (I think it's easier in the pack and play than in his crib).

He was in a surprisingly good mood, considering the tummyness.

We went to the Bux-Mont Jewish festival today just in time to see our Rabbi compete in the Rabbis pie eating contest. We think he performed admirably. They were really big pies.

There were lots of activities for kids, but Noah is still too little for things like face painting and parachute games. Instead, we practiced sitting and played in the grass.

Noah is getting much better at sitting up unassisted. Actually, we always have to assist him into a sitting position, but he can stay seated without our help for up to 30 seconds or so. Especially if there is something interesting like grass to play with!

Also, did you notice his wristband? They are serious about security at the Bux-Mont Jewish Festival. EVERYONE has to wear a wristband. Except our friends, who just walked in a different side of the field and didn't see the registration table. Huh.

After a fun day, Chad and Noah finished with a few rounds of old McDonald.

Yay weekends. :)

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